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Who will receive ARPA subsidy notices?

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 7 months ago

All COBRA eligible Qualified Beneficiaries with a first day of coverage back to 4/1/2021, who had not previously elected COBRA, will be notified via a Specific Right Notice with Attestation Form Included to alert them that the subsidy is available. This is required per the ARPA act. This will be sent to all those that are eligible or those if their eligibility is unknown based on the information in our system

For all COBRA members that had previously elected, dropped coverage or terminated due to non payment must have their event type updated in order to receive the Eligible Notice with Second Election to make their elections. They will not be able to change plans if they have already elected a plan, but may be able to pick up additional plans, such as dental, if they were not previously selected. 

All eligible dependents will also receive their own Eligible Notice with Second Election so they are aware of the subsidy. This will allow the dependent to elect the subsidy, even if the primary does not choose to elect. If the QB completes their Attestation form with their dependents noted on the form, the dependent does not need to do anything with the Eligibility Notice they received, since they will be covered under the QB's account. The only time a dependent would need to complete their own attestation form would be if they will not be covered under the QB.  

Important Note: Upon receipt of these notices, the member must complete and return the attestation forms to Ameriflex for the subsidy to be applied. They have 60 days to complete and return this document to Ameriflex.

As a reminder, in order to receive this subsidy notice, the employer needed to indicate to Ameriflex if the member was an involuntary termination or was eligible for COBRA due to reduction in hours. If this has not been communicated to Ameriflex yet, please contact your Client Relationship Team with that list of involuntary terms as soon as possible to indicate who is and is not eligible for the subsidy.

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