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What potential letters will members receive from Ameriflex?

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 7 months ago

AEI 2021 Subsidy Eligible Notice: Provided to assistance eligible individuals (AEIs) who are already COBRA members when the subsidy period begins or are entitled to a 2nd Election period; Provided to individuals, regardless of AEI status, with first date of COBRA equal to or greater than 04/01/2021 and were not informed of Act within COBRA Specific Rights Notice.

AEI 2021 2nd Election Form Insert: Provided within the Subsidy Eligible Notice if member is entitled to an election period effective 04/01/2021.

AEI 2021 Subsidy Eligible Attestation Insert: Provided as insert within either COBRA Specific Rights Notice (regardless of AEI Status) or AEI 2021 Subsidy Eligible Notice if attestation is required. Gathering information from QBs regarding their eligibility is in order for an employer to be able to claim a tax credit. Member signature on the attestation form will be required to apply the subsidy.

AEI 2021 Subsidy Expiration Notice: Provided to an assistance eligible individual whose premium assistance is coming to an end. This will be sent to members 30 days prior to either their expiration date or their Last Date of Coverage (LDOC) whichever date is first.

AEI 2021 Denial: Provided to an assistance eligible individual whose AEI Status changed from Eligible to Ineligible.

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