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Should I Offer Open Enrollment under ARPA?

Written by Aimee Reynard
Updated 1 month ago

Ameriflex is advising our clients to not offer this option. 

We understand that under the  American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), Assistance Eligible Individual (AEI) eligible participants have an opportunity to change their benefits plans under the optional Open Enrollment provision. However, with the complexities in administration and logistics, we have to advise against it. 

Around May 15, subsidy notices will start mailing to eligible participants (AEIs) with information on their currently available plans. An Open Enrollment notice would have to go out after the initial subsidy notice, likely adding a layer of confusion for AEIs as to what plans they can actually have, which is the reason for Ameriflex's recommendation.

Our goal is to work alongside you to provide optimal services, which includes ensuring our clients and partners are advised of best practices from both the participant and employer perspectives.

If you want to learn more about ARPA generally, check out our ARPA page specifically designed to answer all your questions. We add to it frequently so you may want to bookmark the site! 

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